ROs ready for elections

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NATIONAL Capital District (NCD) election manager and provincial returning officer Kila Ralai says he and his team are ready to accept nominations from today.
“After receiving the official bulletin from Electoral Commissioner (Simon Sinai) yesterday, I have given the directions to the returning officers (ROs) to go ahead and conduct readiness awareness with intending candidates to come forward,” he said.
“I think one week is sufficient for candidates in their various locations to place nominations.”
Ralai reiterated that intending candidates for Moresby North-West should show up at Ipi Park, Hohola; Unagi Oval for Moresby North-East; Sir Hubert Murray Stadium car park for Moresby South and Sir John Guise Stadium for NCD regional.
“In the previous week, I was expecting one nominee (Governor Powes Parkop) but now I haven’t heard anything from anyone, we are yet to establish so we’ll wait to see (today),” he said. According to Ralai, all other electorates are prepared and will get ready to set up in the morning waiting to accept nominations.
“After the nominations the ROs will declare the nominations closed and the RO for each electorate, will then inform the candidates or their representatives when to do the order of draw or when they get their candidate number,” he said.
ROs for each of the four electorates in NCD are: Tau Toea for Moresby South, Billy George for Moresby North-East and Vincent Manukuasi for Moresby North-West.
“Anyone could show up by tomorrow and in the one week of nominations, so we are prepared for that. I really don’t have a number or list of who to expect,” he said.
Ralai urged intending candidates to nominate within seven days and:

  • TO bring with them their forms 29 and those contesting under a political party their form 30;
  • NOMINATION fee deposit slips; and,
  • THREE passport size photos of the intending candidate.

Kale urges candidates to show leadership

A SENIOR police officer has urged candidates to exhibit the highest standard in behaviour during the general election as an example to their people.
Acting Assistant Commissioner of Police and Highlands western-end divisional commander John Kale appealed to intending candidates to work with law enforcement and their supporters to ensure violence, threats, intimidation and unethical behaviour were prevented.
He told The National that candidates could help the process by not mobilising their supporters which could easily lead to violence or cause difficulty to control.
Kale said this would be crucial throughout the electoral process from nomination to polling and counting.
He said if candidates were raising their hands to represent their people in parliament then they needed to show a level of leadership and sensibility befitting a national leader.
Kale also reminded police personnel to carry out their duties responsibly and ethically and not compromise their integrity.
He warned that any officer found to have behaved improperly or broken any law during the election period would be disciplined or dismissed.
“We must maintain our neutrality and perform our duty with the highest faith and trust,” he said.
Meanwhile, Kale commended Enga police commander Chief Inspector Epenes Nili and his men for arresting and charging two police officers involved in smuggling two guns into Porgera last week.
“Their actions are a disgrace to themselves, their families and their communities,” he said.
“They have tarnished the reputation of the police force and they can lose their jobs.”
Electorates are ready to receive nomination.

Allow election to be free, fair and safe, says Parkop

PAPUA New Guineans must promote a free, fair and safe general election, National Capital District governor Powes Parkop says.
“The nation’s capital must show the example to inspire the country by behaving civilly to uphold democracy,” he said.
“Let everyone exercise their democratic and constitutional rights.”
Parkop said a general election was a serious exercise in electing leaders who will guide and represent the people for the next five years.
“It is important that we take this exercise seriously as the decision we make today will not just define our lives now but also in the years to come,” he said.
Parkop appealed to candidates and supporters, and their parties to put the interest of the people, the city and the country above self-interest.
“The quality of leadership starts now and that leaders must show their leadership qualities now and not only after they are elected,” he said. “The elections in our capital city has been relatively safe and we should be proud of that, and uphold that tradition.”

Do not overload vehicles, says Ikumu

NATIONAL Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Gedion Ikumu has urged candidates and supporters to be mindful of traffic rules before going for nominations today.
Ikumu said candidates should inform his office and the election manager responsible before they go to nominate to avoid inconveniences.
“This would allow the police to guide them in terms of managing the crowd and traffic” he said.
Ikumu said overloading vehicles could lead to accidents which may cause fights and riots.
Ikumu said considering the Coronavirus (Covid-19) surge leading to the elections, opportunists could use the time to cause trouble.
“Candidates should be responsible as potential leaders and make this a beginning to show their leadership,” he said
Ikumu said the candidates should manage their supporters and be observant of the laws by avoiding situation that could lead to trouble during the nomination to poling period.
He said police would be conducting their business as usual on crowd control and traffic management.
“Police have been notified to look out for overloading vehicles causing inconvenience to motorists, pedestrians and the travelling public,” he said.
“We urge candidates to manage their crowd which could help the police control traffic.”
Ikumu said road construction along the Waigani Drive had caused enough traffic congestion which travellers and candidates should consider.
Police operations in the National Capital District started last week after Governor-General Sir Bob Dadae issued the writs, Ikumu said.
He said police units had been on the ground mobilising resources and planning for today’s nomination.
“Units on the ground involves the planning and administration teams, the crime and investigations division and intelligence division,” he said.
Meanwhile, Ikumu said all hired vehicles would be without tints and would be marked according the locations of each deployed units.