Rosso calls for staff support during his term


DEPARTMENT of Lands and Physical Planning Minister John Rosso has called on staff members to render the same support they gave his predecessor Justin Tkatchenko.
“I will carry on the good job he had done. All I want is your loyalty and to work with the management,” he said.
“Let’s work together to achieve the outcomes. I believe in giving everyone an equal opportunity.”
Rosso said he was taking over a “big” job.
“(It is) an important establishment in the country,” he said.
“The assessment and reforms currently being undertaken will be pursued.
“It is a big challenge heading Lands but I do have a little bit of experience having served as a kiap for a long time.
And I’m bringing with me my business background.”
Tkatchenko said it was “a pleasure reforming and changing the Lands Department and its perception and getting it back on track”.

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