Rosso waiting for audit report


LAE MP John Rosso says he is still waiting for the report on the audit of Lae City Council’s accounts.
He plans to make public some of the findings.
Russo directed an investigation into the accounts of the council a few months ago after receiving complaints from members of the public and contractors who claimed abuse and mismanagement.
“I am waiting for the Minister for the provincial and local level government to give me the findings of that audit,” he said.
“The council at the moment comes under his direction.
Once the audit team finishes, they will give me the findings and hopefully it will soon.”
He said the city council was in a mess.
“There are a lot of management issues. That is why I am taking a very hardline stand,” Rosso said.
“I need to fix the council first. Our city must be cleaned up.”
Rosso has also directed the LCC to provide him with the list of claims so that they be reviewed “one by one” to ensure genuine contractors were paid and false claims removed.
“This is a hard job. You cannot do it in a week but I am going to take personal control of that,” Rosso said.
“I urged the contractors to be patient. We are going to fix this but it’s going to take us some time. I have to find money to pay them (contractors).”