Rotarians repair school and donate books

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 30th November 2011

THE Australian Rotary has provided help worth close to a million kina towards the Nondugl Administration Primary School in Jiwaka, Western Highlands, this month.
The assistance includes converting an old building into a library and connecting electricity, providing more than 2,000 books, renovating of classrooms and buying 10 computers, a photocopy machine and a printer for the school.
The team trains teachers and other staff as well.
The Rotarian team, under its students exchange programme, has sent four students from the school to attend school in Australia early this year.
The team came to provide aid to the school under their strong tie with the East Mait Land Rotary Friendship of Jiwaka.
Rotarian team leader Adrian Roach said this was part of helping the school achieve quality education.
He said they had the heart to serve the people of PNG in education and health and would try to improve the school’s standard.
He said members of the team compromised of teachers, health workers, electricians, plumbers and carpenters.
Roach said they had put together their knowledge and had done the renovation, connected electricity and trained teachers.
He said this was a big help to the people and he urged them to look after the facilities.
East Mait Land Rotary Friendship advisor Michael Siwi thanked the Australian Rotary for its support.
Siwi said it would have cost the school a substantial amount undertake the renovations itself or buy the items that were given it.
He called on the school board, teachers and students to look after what was given.