Rotary club gives tanometer to eye clinic

Lae News, Normal

THE Angau eye clinic received a belated Easter gift yesterday morning when the Rotary Club of Huon Gulf donated a tonometer.
Opthamologist and head of the clinic Dr Claudie Aulong said the donation was timely as the old tonometer was no longer working.
Rotary Club of Huon Gulf was making this donation in response to the request made by Dr Aulong in 2008.
He said the old tonometer was operated manually, in the sense that anaesthetic was applied to the surface of the cornea before a prism was pushed against the cornea to measure the pressure in the eyeball.
Dr Aulong said the new tonometer did not require an application of anaesthetic because the pressure of the eyeball was measured from air that was blown out of a certain point of the tonometer, against the eyeball.
He said this would save the amount of anaesthetic used up in the clinic and would avoid the possibility of causing damage to the eyeball if an accident occured. 
President of the Rotary Club of Huon Gulf Cynia Sanchez said it was the club’s goal to assist the community in every way possible.