Route 9 buses not completing routes


ROUTE 9 buses in the National Capital District are not completing their designated routes.
They pick passengers and, upon reaching Waigani bus stop, they chase passengers off the bus, then they drive further up just to pick up the same passengers and charge them K1 again.
For years we have been raising this concern but nothing seemse to be done about it.
Police officers are sometimes at the Waigani bus stop to discourage this type of behaviour, but this does not help at all.
It only works for a week.
After a week, they (officers) do nothing but stand around chewing betel nuts and smoking.
Once they leave, PMV operators go back to their usual habits.
Can we have a permanent fix to this? Can we have a proper transportation system where operators dress well, are on time and don’t smoke in the bus or swear and get aggressive with passengers?
It’s time the Government take measures to ensure its people have a good transportation system in place, especially for our mothers and sisters.
We have been facing the same problem for years.
The transport authorities in the city should look into this and make some changes.