Row over Mt Wilhelm products

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NAMING rights issues involving PNG’s tallest peak Mt Wilhelm has locals from the area seeking clarifications from certain businesses that were reportedly using its name.
Landowners from Mt Wilhelm in Gembogl district, Simbu province, called on business houses using the name “Mt Wilhelm” as their business name in selling goods and services, to produce documental evidences of naming right agreements.
The Wandike- Yomba Association claiming to represent Mt Wilhelm landowners made the call through Vincent Don and councillor John Banda (chairman) who claimed to be their spokesmen.
They alleged some companies were illegally using the name, having already made millions of kina without any consensual agreements with them as legitimate landowners.
Kongo Coffee Ltd was one of the businesses named.
Kongo Coffee managing director Jerry Kapka described the claims as outrageously made by someone who does not have the people and province at heart, saying they were made by people who want to enjoy some media publicity.
“We have been around as a coffee company for a much longer time than our roast and ground coffee, we did not need the name Mt. Wilhelm to promote our business.
“We are promoting Mt Wilhelm and our province (Simbu) as tourist destinations through our well established company so that he as a landowner and the province can benefit. 
“He (landowner) does not have to spend time and time to promote his place as a tourist destination but only appreciate and benefit from our expense, this landowner does not appear to have his mind in the right place,” Mr Kapka said.
He said Kongo Coffee was using Mt Wilhelm on their products and also used Simbu, Karimui and Elimbari to promote their products.
Mt Wilhelm which is the highest peak in PNG standing at 4,509m above sea level is an international tourist attraction with its global climate and environment.
Mr Banda said as far as the landowners were concerned no companies, organisations or individuals entered into any legally binding agreement seeking consents of genuine landowners to use “Mt Wilhelm” to pursue business interests.
They then urged those using the name to immediately refrain from using it and that they were seeking legal advise.