Rubber men want better price

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The National, Wednesday 01st Febuary 2012

FARMERS in Gavien rubber resettlement scheme in Angoram want their produce to be purchased at more competitive prices, a producer said.
 Spokesman and rubber farmer Brian Yaks said working on rubber was not easy and that they needed to be paid well for their labour.
“We want investors who can purchase our rubber at more competitive prices, which will be a better reward for our labour”, Yaks said.
Yaks said bad road conditions and lack of other basic infrastructure such as health facilities could be seen as a disadvantage for investors but said Gavien rubber scheme had the potential to lead in production with proper management and determined investors.
Yaks said currently, they have more than five small buyers of their produce at a rate of 80 toea to K1 per kilo.
“We depend entirely on cocoa and garden food to survive and with the current cocoa price going for as low as 40 toea per kilo in Angoram, we want a better deal for our rubber to sustain our living,m” Yaks said.