Rubbish, waste dumped at waterfront

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The National, Friday 10th May 2013


Human waste was discovered among other household rubbish at Madang’s waterfront near Kalibobo light house by a cleaning service group this week.

The household rubbish consisted of baby diapers, toiletries, cans and plastic bags full of food. 

Human waste was dumped in five different rubbish sites along the Kalibobo drive between Madang country club and Kalibobo light house.

This was confirmed by the president for the Sisiak 2 cleaning service, Jenny Konda yesterday.

“Five big rubbish dumps at different locations were hidden under the creeping plants on the reefs where town residents, who knew the locations, throw their household rubbish. 

“The worst is human wastes,” she said.

Konda said her group was engaged by the Madang urban local level government to clean that part of the town and was surprised to discover the illegal dumps. 

She said that people living near the waterfront would be blamed for the illegal dumping of rubbish.

Manager of Better Road Construction Stanley Gaan said this part of town was the pride of Madang and should be kept clean and beautiful at all times.

“Madang is symbolised by its beautiful water front and for that spot to be treated as public rubbish dumping place is not called for,” Gaan said.

Ward 2 councillor Christ Tomongo who is responsible for the area, said people throwing rubbish there were educated town residents.

“Madang Urban LLG use to collect household rubbish from wards 1-7 two days every week; the only time rubbish were not collected was when the rubbish truck broke down,” he said.

Tomongo said the Madang Urban LLG currently owned one rubbish compacter and he appealed to Madang MP and Police Minister Nixon Duban and Governor Jim Kas to assist in funding more rubbish compacters.

“Our town is expanding, the population has increased and Madang Urban LLG needs one more rubbish compacter to cater for that increase,” Tomongo said.