Rude customer care officer

Letters, Normal

I WAS in Lae recently on leave and had problems accessing my Digicel mobile because it was locked out after my two-year-old child played with it.
As I did not have the SIM card holder with me to access the PUK and PIN codes, I had no option but to call customer care and ask for assistance.
A male officer answered and asked for my personal and phone details, which I gave.
He went on to ask which settlement in Lae I was calling from.
I told him I was calling from Uni Block and needed help to access my phone and place a business call.
All the while, we were conversing in Pidgin, but the tone and manner in which he responded made me angry.
I was not given a chance to explain my problem.
I was just told to take my phone to the Digicel outlet in Top Town and hand it over to the officers there, and to buy a new set as the old set could have been stolen, and he hung up.
I felt I was treated like a criminal from the settlement in Lae.
Disgusted, but not defeated I called customer care again and this time got help from a female officer who spoke professionally and was most helpful.
I cannot thank her enough, and wish Digicel employ more officers like her.
To the male officer, show some respect to people from settlements who may converse in Pidgin but are professional, smarter and courteous.


Ovavisa Masia