Rugby clubs unhappy with current execs

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SEVERAL clubs have expressed dissatisfaction with the current executive for women’s rugby in Papua New Guinea and have called for a meeting to iron out their differences.
The clubs and players want several problems among others, including the current executive, the women’s rugby board and the progress of the women’s competition, resolved before competition start next season.
Club representatives had gathered on several occasions and held discussions about the progress of the women’s competition.
However, most of them admitted they were unaware of any plans for women’s rugby union in the future.
There has been ongoing agenda of no-dialogue on the affairs of the union continually brought up but their position with the mother body, the PNGRFU still remains uncertain.
The main confusion remains as to whether the women’s competition is a part of the PNGRFU or the separate body of women’s rugby.
The competition has been running under the umbrella of the Port Moresby Rugby Football Union, which is an affiliate of PNGRFU.
However, with a separate WRB, those who became members would be coming from the same clubs.
Representatives are also concerned about the continuous efforts to bring the current executive to a round table without success forcing them to raise the alarm on their priorities.
Women’s rugby president Cybelle Druma told The National on Monday that meetings had been called for.
However, she added that the meeting could not proceed without a quorum. Druma said a meeting would be held on Sunday to iron their differences.
Druma added that the meeting would be an opportunity for women’s rugby union to properly establish their competition, with the election of a new executive for the NCD competition.
The PNGRFU and the WRB executive have not met in any kind of discussion as yet but both organisations would be meeting to restore further working relationships.