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THE Supreme Court will hand down its decision on Wednesday on a case questioning the legality of Speaker Job Pomat’s decision to call Parliament on Nov 17 after it had been adjourned to Dec 1.
A five-man bench comprising Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika, Justice David Cannings, Justice George Manuhu, Justice Ere Kariko and Justice Derek Hartshorn yesterday heard submissions from lawyers representing Ialibu-Pangia MP Peter O’Neill who filed the case, Speaker Job Pomat and Justice Minister and Attorney-General Pila Niningi.



  • What drive have caused us to do all this things and now are waiting for the court to give us the direction. Is it hungry for power for personal gain, self interest or for the people to be happy and proud to be citizen of this beautiful nation? One must sit down and think, correct its mentality the way he thinks. This current government policy is very clear and it only takes time to be put into reality. Is the VONC agenda good or it will interrupt the plan and vision drafted by our current PM? I am appealing to the court team to think ahead by looking into future and comparing the past as well before lay down well their decision. Since our mandated leaders can’t they now throw the ball to your side. Please help drive the nation for the good of the people.

  • We only have few months left before the next election and IMO the current government is doing quite well. Leave them until the 2022, then you can change the government. WHY SO DESPERATE??? Maybe there are some hidden agenda that the PNG citizen don’t know. Generally PNG are ok with the current government.

  • The high court decision will put to rest the current political maneuvering. The court must emphasis that politicians who want to become PM and change government must follow the rules that govern Parliament processes and procedures set forth for this purpose. The sudden movement of MPs crossing the floor of Parliament to change government seems to be the trademark of few power hungry politicians that continues to undermine the rules that are in place to ensure proper processes are followed for those who seek to become PM or change government. The current tactics used by PO and BN is very dangerous towards creating anachic and chaos that may lead to destroying the core foundation of our democracy and freedom provided in the constitution.

  • Justice adjourned is justice prolonged, thus the justice must be served before the 2020 judicial year comes to an end. MPs are not toddlers or teenagers, they are matured citizens of this country and are well striken by years, once they get into Parliament they were inducted on how to behave and uphold the rule of law in Parliament and out of Parliament during their term. Whatever the Parliamentary standing orders has been breached it was solely influenced by the ambitious thoughts to be in power over the next 18 months or so before the writs issued for 2022 NGE. The Third Arm of Government is deliberating and cleaning the mass of so called the power hungry MPs doing it wrong and breaching the SO of Parliament. The deputy speaker is intimidated and is incapable of being in the chair of the house. The chair that he (KI) sat on and accept the motion and cause mass chaotic order throughout the country on Nov. 13 belongs to the people of this country. Hope the integrity of the parliamentary SO will prevail and the constitution will triumph.

  • I can only wish should court make decisions unlike MPs regarding the constitution of this beautiful country

  • If Speaker is found in error then the judge has to say parliament should meet on Dec 1st. That date having passed the case seems to collapse.
    Guess he could instruct the Speaker to order parliament to meet asap. That however I believe is the prerogative of the Speaker in consultation with the PM and his government. They have already expressed in parliament for it to meet April 21, 2021.

  • There are rules or laws to be followed and should there be any drastic changes to be done must be within the laws or lawlessness surfaces into dictatorship which result in hypocrisy and chaos which laws are not consulted procedures processes resulting in breaking of laws and covered under the carpet without penalising. If you think you are doing good please follow laws as everyone in PNG is subject to…..angre long moni neim na pawa maski

  • The 9 million citizens of this great nation of ours pay the price. We mandate these so called political leaders and look at what they are doing to us.The future destiny is controlled by these 111 members.

    We must seriously loot at amending the law to suit .The PM should be decided by the 9 million so such stupidity of power hungry mongrels can be put to rest.

    We are only seeing tbe tip of the iceberg, who knows what’s happening behind the scene with cash exchanges.

  • From all the experiences we go through in the change of Government and the formation of new Government, Law and Policy makers can start to think now and find some ways on how we can prevent such happenings in the near future.If Members not happy with PM they flooded on to other side and not long again flooded in to another site.Its really disturbing the progress of the country and that affects the economy as well.Put up a policy that will guide them to stop this unnecessary moves and then we have strong and solid Government.Please start to think and do something for the betterment of our people.God bless our beautiful country.

  • I totally agree. Political maneuvering and instability always on the position of PM. The constant change seems to be the cause current social and economic issues we face. Let the PM decide by the people. The system of electing PM is causing the stagnation in rural communities access to service delivery. People voting of PM can use current preferential voting systems for wider representation across the country. Minor changes could be in the constitution to cater for this need

  • May God Almighty the Sovereign King of the Universe, The Alpha and The omega, The Righteous Judge of all Principalities, Power and JUDGES PRESIDE over this case on his beloved people of PNG beyond the Greed and Selfishness of this earthly temporally Leaders who even have no basic faintest meaning of life and struggles. LORD PLEASE REST THIS CASE. AMEN.

  • We have the Office of the Integrity of Political Parties & Candidates already established and that the LAWS underpin are clearly defined and strongly mentioned in controlling this sort of political movements by the elected MPs at their own will ( without the people of its Electorates consensuses) to cross the Floor of the Parliament House any time, any where they like either to the Opposition or to the Government Sides during the Parliament Session. (1) The Speaker will immediately disqualify the Member of Parliament and loses his SEAT and the By – Election is called for by the Electoral Commission Office. And also the Executives of the Political Parties or the Party consent must exempted or get rid of this MP from its Political Party forever. (2) The Political Party that wins with more MPs declared in their respective Electorates when the counting of the votes end during the National General Election and the Prime Minister is said to be coming from that Political Party. Which will hold the POWER for the next five years. (3) If that LAW is breached within the five years by the MPs through the VONC, the Governor General has the power to dissolve the Parliament and advise the Electoral Commissioner to call for fresh next National General Election so that they face the people again of their mandate(s).

  • Judges are appointed by the Governor-General acting on the advice of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. Judges can only be removed from office by the Governor-General following a request for the removal from both Houses of Parliament on the ground of proved misbehaviour or incapacity.
    One of the major functions of the High Court is to interpret the Constitution. The High Court may rule a law to be unconstitutional—that is, beyond the power of the Parliament to make—and therefore of no effect. While the Parliament may override a court’s interpretation of any ordinary law by passing or amending an Act of Parliament, the Parliament is subject to the Constitution. The Constitution cannot be changed by an Act of Parliament alone—a referendum of the people is necessary. The point is people had the Power to make changes

  • Our judiciary arm of government had erred in the decision of the first case which the appoint of Prime minister was unconstitutional …
    Now the re-call of Parliament on November 17..Wheather Opposition or Government minister–they are all mandated leaders.and most importantly majority rules wheater passing to amend bills and so on budget session .
    Now the 111 members of parliament represent the 8million plus population of these beautiful nation (PNG).The budget wasn’t been debated and handed down by few power hungry politicians less than 40 mps without absolute majority..
    Parliament must be re-called with any fear or favour in the best interest of this nation .IF this is erred the second time ,Governor General has to look into it before things go out of hand..

    • Your 2t advice is not needed at this stage when the matter is before the highest court of the land…The matter is before the SC and decision will be made by carrier judges according to law and not some village court magistrates.

  • Can we see the outcome already? Government will govern through 2022. Easy usim head before becoming keyboard warriors

  • Planty money mas stap lo top post blo PM osem na government woklo races na senis clostu x2 government , na ol innocent 8 million plus people blo PNG suffer stap bigtime. please voters try na senisim ol disla kain ol leaders inside lo Haus Parliament come 2022 national Elections.

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