Rumour of PM’s death rocks Lae

Lae News, Normal

The National, Monday, May 16, 2011

A RUMOUR that PNG’s founding father, Sir Michael Somare, has died sent a shockwave in Lae and Morobe over the weekend.
People from as far as Wau and Bulolo, Markham Valley and within and around Lae were calling The National if what they heard was true.
A caller from Wau, Tau Meda, who sounded worried on his mobile phone, said he was told by a friend by phone from Lae and had called because he thought the media was where he could get first-hand news.
Another caller, Joe Tetang, from Zifazing village in Markham Valley called to enquire while Sandie Goubu, a mother from Lae’s Bumbu Gravel settlement, was one of several other people who enquired.
A middle-aged man from Kabwum in Morobe, told his fellow church-goers yesterday that it was a major discussion at the Crocodile Farm compound at 8-Mile on Saturday night and again yesterday.
Another middle-aged man from Pindiu in the Finschhafen district, was asked at the Taiwan bus stop at 12-Mile if he heard anything which he replied “Mi harim olsem bikman blo yumi em dai na mi wari nogut tru” (I heard that Chief has died and I’m really sad).
It was the talk of the town in and around Lae.
People were heard talking about it at the Eriku and the town bus stops last Saturday and yesterday.
It is understood that Sir Michael had been discharged from hospital and is expected back in the country by this week.