Rural area is a priority for Manus

Islands, Normal

THE Manus provincial government is aiming to provide and deliver government service effectively to its people in the remote areas, Governor Michael Sapau said.
Mr Sapau and senior officials from several provincial administration divisions went on a 10-day electoral visit to the north and southwestern islands of Negoherm and Aua Wuvulu LLGs over a week ago.
Education officers visited the elementary and primary schools and inspected and give registration to those unregistered teachers.
Other officers visited the airstrips at Mal government station, Wuvulu and Aua and inspected some of the government buildings at Mal and Wuvulu Island.
The reports will be compiled and submitted to the Manus provincial government and administration to secure funds to renovate and maintain those buildings and also upgrade the three airstrips. 
The Agriculture and Livestock Department collected 20,000 coconut seedlings which were brought to Lorengau for distribution to 10 coconut plantations.
The collection of coconut seedlings is the first stage of bio-fuel projects that the provincial government is aiming for.
The team visited and inspected two health centres at Mal and at Wuvulu and inspected the aid posts at Pihon, Luf and Aua.The Manus provincial AIDS council team ran HIV awareness campaigns and violence against women through drama.
Meanwhile, Mr Sapau also donated funds to Pateku (K5,000) Luf  (K5,000), Amik (K4,000) Wuvulu (K3,000) primary schools and Onnie Elementary School (K3,000) and Auna Elementary (K3,000).