Rural children will suffer


THE government has done great injustice to 95 per cent of Papua New Guinea’s children in primary and secondary schools, who live in rural areas, by cutting the tuition free fee (TFF).
How does the government expect 95 per cent of the country’s population who are unemployed or on basic wage to pay half of the school fees?
It is interesting to note that resource developers such as the LNG projects, mining, fisheries, logging, real estate developers and other foreign owned industries are on tax holidays.
The mining, logging and fisheries sectors are not paying any taxes on their profits from the millions of kina they harvest from our resources annually. Why?
Stop giving tax holidays to thieves and get everyone in the resource sector to pay taxes.
Something has gone foul in this budget.
Beware Papua New Guineans whom you vote to parliament in the next elections.

PNG mother

One thought on “Rural children will suffer

  • “PNG MOTHER”, tell us if you can see justice with this!

    What the government said is this. The Tertiary Studies are most expensive so I WILL TAKE THE BURDEN OFF YOU when your child enters tertiary studies. But when your child is going through the lower level schooling and when fees do not exceed thousands of kina, I WILL HELP YOU 50%. I am NOT ABANDONING YOU. I pay half and you pay half….But make sure that your kid is supported well with a conducive learning environment during those early days so that when he/she succeeds to beyond grade 12……I WILL MEET YOU TWOS THERE. No worries, I am putting aside 200 million kina from which YOU can source assistance. How does that sound?

    And also, stop this CRAP about this decision’s impacting my political survival, because most PNG’s do not vote along policy lines….you know, moni, na lamb flaps, beer, gris toktok na tribalism na cargo-cult mentality are factors that have for many elections being demonstrated to be influential factors….not policies.

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