Rural electricity to improve lives

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday, May 3, 2011

RURAL electrification in East New Britain will see major improvements with the province last Thursday being granted the authority to control its own funds.
PNG Power Ltd’s rural services director Daniel Muturam said the rural electrification unit was granted full control of the management of its allocations, unlike previous years when all transaction was done by the power firm’s headquarters.
He said that had caused much delay in the procurement of materials.
He said under the new arrangement long delays of the past would be cut.
During the commissioning ceremony at Rapolo ward last Friday, he said Rabaul district had an allocation of K250,000 under PPL’s rural electrification programme, the first programme to be commissioned under the funding.
He said the Rapolo power supply would be extended by 600m along Vulcan Road from Rabaul town.
PPL is expected to start power supply extension from Tavui 1 through the original villages of Kombiu LLG to Nordup ward before the end of the year.
Rabaul MP Dr Allan Marat, who officiated at the commissioning, urged the people to make full use of electricity supply connected to the wards.
He stressed that the district and provincial administration’s focus this year was on re-growing the local economy and rural electrification would contribute to achieving that.
Marat encouraged villagers to improve their living standards and help in alleviating poverty by using the PPL service.