Rush to grant new provinces suspicious

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the Hela and Jiwaka bills being rushed through Parliament.
The people of Hela and Jiwaka may have their own views but for someone looking on from the outside, something is not right. 
Before a province is created, basic and necessary infrastructures need to be put in place such as a provincial assembly with proper governing system, a town planning authority, hospitals, schools, markets, roads and transportation system, residential areas, airports, business houses, etc.
Isn’t it logical that the Government must ensure all these are in place before granting a province?
What I see now is like dumping people in the deep end of the ocean and expecting them to catch up with the other provinces which are also struggling to deliver basic services.
I believe Jiwaka province is being used as a red herring to dispel suspicions on the real purpose of granting Hela province.
The Helas are known for their aggressiveness and, to put them at ease, a province was granted following their demand before the LNG project could start.
The future of Hela province could be chaotic if things are not planned and executed correctly from the start.