Russian companies interested to do business in PNG: Executive


BIG Russian companies are interested in doing business and growing their presence in Papua New Guinea, says Miklouho-Maclay Foundation director Nickolay Maclay.
The foundation is a Russian cultural advocacy non-governmental organisation in PNG.
Maclay told The National recently that PNG and Russia’s relationship was underdeveloped but there was potential to grow and develop. He said there had not been any major project developments between the two countries and the relationship was only reestablished in last year’s Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) summit.
“Russia and PNG are very much alike for instance in terms of their mentality,” Maclay said.
“For Russia, the most important thing is interpersonal relations between people and only then business. Doing business and signing agreements is not possible unless looking into each other’s eyes which is also the same in PNG.
“It is important that we build our relations based not on the money that we will make but on good will and naturally the next step would be economic relations and Russia is willing to help because it has the capability.”
Maclay added that visa requirements were an impediment affecting Russian tourists and businessmen from coming to PNG but there had been improvements.
“There are currently no Russian tourist coming to PNG because of visa challenges but the Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Russian Federation are working towards facilitating this process.
“In May, the Miklouho-Macklay Foundation with the PNG Chamber of Commerce and Industry organised a meeting called the Russia-PNG prospects for collaboration.
“Unfortunately, businessmen from Russia could not come to PNG because of visa issues but that problem has now been resolved.”