Russian foundation displays traditional dresses at fashion show


DRESSES worn by peasants in Russia were among those displayed at the PNG Fashion Week in Port Moresby last week.
They were displayed by the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation which is promoting relations and ties between the two countries.
The traditional dress is worn by male peasants from Vologda province.
It consists of a side-opening kosovorotka shirt made of blue canvas with hand-printed designs in indigo, a red-striped pant, a woven sash, onuchi – linen leg wrappers, a pair of bast shoes called lapti, a woven pester which is a traditional large rucksack-type basket on the back and a felthat called grechnevik.
The costume of a 19th Century Russian peasant girl from the Novgorod province consists of a calico chemise with a square-cut yoke running around the shoulders, with wide cuffed sleeves with trimmed hems.
World-famous designers have always drawn inspiration from traditional folklore, handicraft and architecture. PNG Fashion Week director Philma Kelegai said there were some similarities with PNG traditional attire.