Ruswin goes home with two awards at security congress


SECURITY integrated solutions provider Ruswin has won two prizes at the security congress awards night on Tuesday.
The first was the ‘major integrated security solution’ award.
General manager Colin Pluckrose said Ruswin, working with Bank South Pacific, had 781 Gallagher access controlled doors across multiple branches nationally in the country.
All access control activity is monitored from their new security centre in Port Moresby.
Individual doors at any branch can be monitored, locked or unlocked or secured in a duress situation, all from this central security control hub.
Over 200 cameras are monitored from around BSP Branches in PNG, and interfaced with the access control system for alarms management and incident monitoring whereby security can be escalated at any branch level.
The second award was the outstanding security partnership.
This was about Ruswin’s work with Nasfund, which owns a significant amount of office buildings in Port Moresby.
These buildings use intercom, access control and CCTV to monitor and control security.
With six buildings currently being controlled and monitored via fibre optic, air fibre and standard structured cabling network back to a central control room and, another two more under construction, and yet to come online it was deemed a worthy partnership winner.
Ruswin has grown from an original core business of mechanical security and high security locksmithing, to being one of this region’s leading security integrated solutions provider.
Continued reinvestment into training and certification has
led Ruswin to develop a large electronics division specialising in global standard networked access control, digital surveillance (CCTV), monitored perimeter devices, alarms management and server-based intercommunications.