Sack those responsible for Bomana breakout


CORRECTIONAL Services Commissioner Stephen Pokanis, in reference the 17 prisoners who escaped last Thursday, said the officer on duty was not at his post as the warders were observing National Repentance Day.
The blame should solely go to the hierarchy.
The Correctional Services minister should intervene and sack those people in hierarchy because the 17 escaped prisoners are really a threat to the community.
You cannot continue to be complacent.
Something is really wrong somewhere.
Now the commissioner is asking the community to help locate and report the escapees.
Sixteen most wanted prisoners are now on the run and unfortunately, it will cost taxpayers’ money to fund the operation to recapture them.
In the meantime, due to the rise in the Coronavirus cases, these prisoners will again pose a threat to the community.
If no disciplinary action is taken against those who failed the system, we expect more prisoners from Bomana to escape in the same manner.

Frustrated Citizen,