Sack unproductive lecturers, UPNG

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The National – Thursday, December 23, 2010

I REFER to the letter “Employ qualified web designers” (The National, Dec 21) Awel Steven.
The writer said the websites of some universities were poorly designed.
I am one of the computer science graduates from UPNG who is now working in Port Moresby. From my observation, I would say that some, if not all, lecturers at the computer science and physics strand at the UPNG are half-baked.
When I was at UPNG, I did not learn anything from them.
They have no computing skills, to speak of and some of them cannot speak proper English.
The poor design of the UPNG website is a reflection the type of lecturers in computer science and physics strand.
If Vice-Chancellor Prof Ross Hynes and Prof Allan Easton are truly concerned of the future of students pursuing computer science and physics, then I urge them to set up an internal inquiry and sack the unproductive lecturers.

Former student
Via email