Sack VC: Awesa

The National,Monday July 4th, 2016

IMBONGGU MP Francis Awesa has called for the sacking and deportation of Dr Albert Schram, the vice-chancellor of the University of Technology.
It follows the killing of university student Graham Romanong in his dormitory on Saturday night, June 25, allegedly by three other students.
The three, all from Enga, appeared in the Lae District Court last Friday charged with murder.
Romanong was from Mendi in Southern Highlands, in Awesa’s electorate.
Awesa, the Works and Implementation Minister, said during the funeral service in Mendi on Saturday that Schram’s work permit should be revoked, his contract terminated and he be deported.
Awesa blamed the death on the university’s “total negligence and incompetence” for failing to call Lae police to the campus to protect lives and property.
“I condemn in the strongest terms possible the Unitech administration and police hierarchy in Lae for failing miserably to take preventive and proactive action to protect people’s lives and property on the campus,” he said.
“The inaction by Unitech administration and Lae police have directly resulted in this senseless, barbaric, primitive and cowardly way of taking the life on a young student from my electorate.”
Awesa reiterated his call on students, parents and authorities to ensure the immediate resumption of classes at the universities.
“Our children’s education and future is of paramount importance. That must not be frustrated by a minority group pursuing their selfish, greedily and parochial interests,” he said.
Schram yesterday declined to comment on Awesa’s call.