Sacked voter seeks help

Lae News, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 11th, 2012

AN employee of a supermarket who was sacked for taking a day off to go and vote is seeking advice from the Labour division on what action to take.
Joy Xavier, who had gone with some colleagues to a polling venue to vote, was sacked after returning to work.
She and her colleagues were standing in line in the polling area when a company vehicle that was to transport them to work arrived at 9am but left soon after without the driver saying anything or waiting for them.
When Xavier and her three colleagues returned to work, they were called in to see their supervisor.
She was sacked but her colleagues were suspended for a day for missing work to go to the polls.
Xavier said a company director had told her the company did not provide a taxi service and how she and her colleagues got to work was not the company’s business.
He told her that she should go and see her governor.
“They ruined my reputation and said some things that did not make sense to me,” she said.
“I never even signed the termination form or agreed to the company terminating me.”
Xavier said after being sacked she had gone to the supermarket to shop but was told to leave by a security officer.
When she asked why she was being turned away, she was told she had tarnished the name of the company in the media and was not welcomed anymore at the shop.