Sacking means end of NA reign

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday, June 9th 2011

THE ruling National Al­liance Party has lost its cre­dibility and confidence among the people of PNG.
The acting prime minister’s decision to sack two senior ministers shows the reign of selfishness will come to an end in a few months’ time.
It is time they critically look at the direction they are taking.
Had they taken a bold decision to join the likes of Sir Puka Temu and others during the bid to topple NA, they would have been in a better position today.
We are aware the acting prime minister is like a window curtain who follows the direction of the people behind the curtain.
He is simply executing what he has been told.
There are many power-hungry leaders from the highlands who turn against their own brothers when things do not go their way.
This is typical highlands politics.

Warke Isaac