Sacking not the end for Polye

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I REFER to two letters by George Kowi and Warke Isaac (The National, June 9).
While I agree with some of their comments, I would like to say that it may be the end for NA but not for Polye.
The sacking of Polye may have two consequen­-ces – it could be the end of NA’s political supre­macy or the beginning of Sam Abal’s downfall.
The picture is clear – if NA highlands bloc be­lieves in party solidarity, it will retain Polye as the re­gion’s deputy leader to lead them to the elections next year.
But if they were to choose Abal, my view is the highlands NA will not come back with the numbers it did last election.
Following party constitution or not, NA Enga is telling PNG it does not want Abal.
This is a clear indication that Abal is in for a stiff competition.
For Polye, his sacking may have sealed his win in Kandep next year.
I wonder if it will be same for Abal.
It is time for NA highlands to decide who it wants to lead to the 2012 polls.


Tamban RPG
Port Moresby