Sacking of ministers causing a domino effect

Letters, Normal

The National – Monday, June 27, 2011

THE sacking of two mi­nisters has caused a domino effect on political parties they belonged to.
Polye is the deputy leader of the National Alliance party’s highlands region and his removal was met with mixed reactions among NA members from the region.
Those who relied on the NA constitution are loyal to Polye.
Those who choose to go by power play support Abal as he has the discretion to hire and fire.
This has left NA in a no-win situation.
The NA president has said there is a possibility of upholding the decision of the NA highlands bloc’s decision to sack Abal.
If that happens, Abal will make history by being a NA member from the highlands who is not part of the bloc but occupying the country’s CEO post.
What will happen next is anyone’s guess.
Duma, the leader of URP, the next biggest coalition partner, was stripped of his post which has now gone to another URP man, Francis Potape.
This “cut and paste” exercise by Abal did not go down well with URP and it is reported to have sacked Potape and SHP Governor Anderson Agi­ru.
The positions of these two will be confirmed by the office of the Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates.
One thing that is clear is that our leaders did not seek appropriate advise from the office of the Re­gistrar of Political Parties and Candidates.


Bomai Witne