Sad day for Gumine, Chimbu and PNG

Letters, Normal

The National- Friday, February 4, 2011

 I WAS angered to read about the pregnant wife of the Belian expatriate being raped in Gumine. 

It was not only the pregnant wife was raped but the husband murdered as well. 

How could anyone do that to a pregnant woman in the presence of their own women?

These are sick people who do not deserve to live in a global community.

This is a sad day for the peace-loving people of the Gollin tribe in the Gumine district.

I am angry that the police have yet to establish the motive behind this killing.

The culprits have tarnished the good name of Gumine.

Police must investigate because according to legend the inhabitants of that part of Bomai Mingaloo were feared for practicing cannibalism. As such this inhumane act of a few minority involving a woman may have alluded to an intent of cannibalism. 



Yomakul Gan