Sad to see lack of self-respect


AFTER watching the confrontation video of the person who allegedly produced the “Kaikai Belt” series and posted on Facebook and other social media platforms, I am worried about our younger generations, especially females.
The producer was allegedly captured and manhandled by the relatives of one of the women who was featured in one of the three videos that were circulated.
Spectators and those beating the producer recorded the confrontation on camera.
The confrontation video, referred to as the “Kaikai Belt Part 4” by many on social media went viral.
While most people say the producer is at fault to have uploaded and shared private videos of their bedroom affairs in public, let’s consider some things before pointing fingers.
In the three “Kaikai Belt” videos, there were no signs of force or reluctance from the women.
The producer wasn’t even threatening them.
If you have watched the video, you would have noticed that the three women wore big cheeky smiles and were fully aware that they were being filmed.
Why do women always fall victims to such acts?
All involved in the film are at fault.
The producer is wrong to have shot the video and shared it.
The law can deal with him for his actions.
The three women featured in the video are also at fault.
Where is your self-respect and dignity?
This is not the first time Papua New Guinean women are being cyber bullied.
Earlier this year, a teenager’s nudes went viral on social media; her boyfriend allegedly leaked them.
These situations should be a lesson for the young ones.
Most women and girls put themselves out there to be victimised.
It is hard to support women who are caught up in this type of situations.
It is sad that many of them forget self-respect in the name of pleasure.
Please think twice before doing what you want to do.

Trixie Anne

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