Safe houses lacking funds to help victims


SAFE houses are facing many challenges, from repatriating clients (victims) back to their families to shortage of staff, funding, counsellors and experts or specialists in most provinces.
Madang Safe House representative Sr Thecla Gamog said they could only provide accommodation.
But they had to find money to look after the victims, including children, through fundraising and donations.
Money was needed for food and to repatriate the victims back to their families and community.
“We have no counsel services because we cannot employ experts to run the service because of funding problems,” Sr Thecla said.
She said at times, police would leave victims with them without a proper care plan of when they would process the investigation and follow up on the perpetrators and court.
“We look after them, find ways to take them hospital and other necessities,” she said.
“Victims who stay longer – we need more support for them and provide food.
“Sometimes when the perpetrator is not arrested, we pay for fuel so that police can go and make arrests.”
Sr Thecla said they were calling on non-governmental organisations, the Government and interested individuals to support and help them.