Safety trainer uses hobby to make money

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FIRE safety trainer Huberth Kapiwan spends the weekends selling carvings he makes from wood to earn an extra income.
Kapiwan, 40, from Chambri Lake in East Sepik, works as a safety trainer at the Boroko Fire Station on week days.
On weekends, he carves artefacts including the famous Tambaran (face carving) to sell at the craft markets around Port Moresby to tourists and locals. The prices range from K20 to K100.
The father of six says the extra income helps in meeting school expenses because living in the city is expensive.
Kapiwan moved to Port Moresby in 1992. His wife weaves bilum bags.
“To make the carvings, I use ordinary trees from Baruni or anywhere I can find wood. I carve them using a chisel,” he said.
“The paints to decorate them come from natural sources. We use a special kind of clay found mainly in Sepik and plant roots, leaves and charcoal.”