Sail through the storm


WHEN we pray, we do not pray to God to prevent the storm.
Rather we pray that He gives us the grace, the strength and the wisdom to surf when the storm rises.
There is no perfect relationship.
Relationships always come with challenges.
Challenges are the beauty of life; challenges are what makes life interesting; and so is it with marriage.
When the storm rises, we should be able to sail through it.
It would be unwise to expect perfection from a union of two imperfect people.
There is no better man nor woman out there.
You might think that there are many fish in the ocean and you letting go of your fish just because you want to catch a barracuda.
That barracuda you catch may have all the ingredients and vitamins you could ever imagine.
But you didn’t realise that you were allergic to barracuda and so it’s not the right fish for you.
I believe that nothing goes bad in a marriage – if it goes bad you fix it.
You do not dispose it because you’re the one who made the choice.
You took the step ahead, you tied the knot and so stick with it.
You yourself is responsible; find a way, put effort into making things happen.
Fight for your marriage, nothing’s impossible under the sun.
Love your marriage because love is worth fighting for.

Shantell Artango,
Hubby Forevermore

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