Sakora not surprised by state lawyers’ absence

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NATIONAL Court judge Justice Bernard Sakora said he was not surprised that a state lawyer had not shown up in court.
“I am not surprised that the counsel for the state is not present,” he said on Monday when private lawyer Camillus Narokobi pointed out in court that the state lawyer was not present in the court matter for a case involving a Wewak landowner and PNG Power over the erecting of a power pylon on his land along Boram in Wewak, East Sepik.
The matter, originating summons 509, is about Boram landowner, Loi Antonius, who is taking PNG Power,  its CEO Tony Koiri and the state to court for not getting his permission to erect the power pylon on his land.
Sakora said: “This matter came before me last Wednesday. The state counsel looked me in the eyes  and I also looked her in the eye and told her this matter was adjourned to today (Monday). Now she is not present. Why should I be surprised?”
Narokobi submitted that the state be removed as a party in the proceedings.
The judge granted the verbal submission, removing the state as a party in the matter.
He then ordered that the matter be remitted back to the court registry for the state to decide if it  wants to be part of the proceedings.