Salaries commission also caters for provincial members


Provincial assembly members throughout the country are also catered for in the Salaries and Remuneration Commission Determinations for 2015 for Elected Leaders.
They are governors, deputy governors, provincial executive council members and provincial assembly members in the 22 provinces.
Governors, who represent their respective provinces in Parliament, receive a gross salary of K155, 306 per year and total benefits of K435,257.
These benefits cover entertainment allowance (K8500), Parliament allowance (K5000), personal vehicle allowance (K74, 863), electoral vehicle allowance (K93,494), accommodation allowance K83,096), domestic allowance (K5198), utilities allowance (K4050), telephone/fax allowance (K3000), and mobile phone allowance (K3750).
Deputy governors receive K73,947 annually, PEC members K32,086 and provincial assembly members K25,807 plus various other benefits.