Salle: Obey traffic signs to avoid nasty accidents

Transport PNG

Traffic signs are very important road assets as it directs drivers, an official says.
“Traffic signs are placed along the road to show drivers what they must do.
“When you see these signs, you must always do as they say and you will not have an accident,” Officer-
In-charge of 4-Mile Traffic, Senior Inspector Joseph Salle said.
He said traffic signs were important as warned motorists of what to expect and avoid.
He said the general safety of motorists and pedestrians depended on it.
An example would be a crossing sign which is erected 15 metres away from the actual crossing. This is already an indicator to the drivers to slow down and come to a full stop at the crossing.
He urged the public to take care of road assets as it has become a common sight to see the defacing, vandalizing and graffiti of road assets including traffic signs.
“Traffic signs are placed there for a reason, it must be visible and readable thus it is the responsibility of the public to care of it,” he said.
He said the Road Safety Division of the traffic has the responsibility of doing awareness in schools, suburbs and public area to educate the public on the different traffic signs and road safety tips.
He said traffic signs are there to make sure that traffic travels along smoothly and safely.

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