Salt Nomane road still blocked

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday July 26th, 2013

 The Gumine-Salt Nomane road has been blocked since July last year due to elections-related issues.  

Health services in the district are at a standstill because of a shortage of medical supplies. 

Health workers have conducted awareness for people to take precautions and avoid getting sick because there are no treatments available.

Those who are sick have to be carried on a stretcher for kilometres to Chuave for medical assistance. I believe some of the seriously ill have died.

Supplies to  schools in the district have to be sent via Elimbari-Chuave.

Teachers from other places posted to schools in the district have fled ,leaving the local teachers behind because they could not put up with the primitive living conditions. 

Many people have migrated to towns and cities for basic services.  

The people of Salt Nomane have been deprived of basic services. 

I urge those responsible to allow basic services to pass through. 

Also, I would like to urge MP Mogi Wei to deliver services. 

Any court case he may be facing should not be blamed for service delays.