Salute for Oil Search


I WOULD like to salute Oil Search Limited for their effective and efficient effort during the earthquake to assist the affected communities and people in Hela.
While the national and Hela provincial governments’ relief assistance took some days to arrive, Oil Search took the insurmountable lead to bring aid to the people quickly.
Oil Search was the first to get to villages situated in the rugged terrains which can only be reached by air.
The relief effort shows Oil Search’s understanding of the people and their needs, and how their well-oiled machinery can be quickly put to use to help people crippled by a natural disaster.
We have also been reading about alternative theories of fracking and how the mines may have contributed in some way to events that can lead to earthquakes.
This theory is being promoted by people who have little or no understanding of fracking and mining in general.
Perhaps the independent experts who are being engaged by the Papua New Guinea government to investigate and identify the cause of the earthquake will provide a detailed report that will refute the fracking theory once and for all.
As citizens of Hela and Papua New Guinea, we should continue to support and appreciate the individuals and organisations involved in the earthquake relief work.

Joe Pitaias
Margarima, Hela

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