Salvation Army could be the answer

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I AGREE with comments by the writer in the letter entitled “Kainantu hospital needs competent staff” (The National, May 12).
Hospital staff and ma­nagement are to serve the needs of the patients but this has not been the case.
Patients have the right to be respected, looked after and treated.
As a way forward, the hospital’s management and staff must seriously address the issues raised.
For the long-term, the hospital could be managed by a non-governmental institution such as the Salvation Army Mission.
It is based next to the hospital and since it has been involved in primary health care throughout the country since the 1960s, perhaps it would be appropriate to let it run the hospital.
The Kainantu Rural Hos­pital is a much-needed service for the people of Kainantu, Obura-Wonena­ra, Henganofi and Okapa.
The authorities must look into this urgently.


Kamano Mofrave
Via email