Salvos’ 60th year coincides with Run

The National,Friday June 24th, 2016

THE Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) yesterday made a timely donation of Trukai Fun Run t-shirts to Boroko Salvation Primary School.
The 375 t-shirts will be distributed by Boroko and Koki Salvation Army schools in preparation for the nation-wide Fun Run day on Sunday.
Salvation School partnership coordinator Robert Haro said the gift from MRDC was timely as the Salvation Army was preparing for its 60th Anniversary and also for Fun Run.
As part of the 60th celebration, Haro said the t-shirts from MRDC would greatly boost the students’ participation while the school’s 60th Anniversary celebrations would start at the school after the Fun Run.
MRDC representative Iona Reta said the Fun Run T-shirt donations is a small gift from the resource management company to the Salvation Army to help them celebrate 60 years of ministry and service to the people of PNG.
“The mission has done tremendous work in the country over the 60 years having served many communities throughout the country in faithfulness and commitment,” Reto said.
As a show of gratitude, Reta said the company invited the school children to join the fund on Sunday in the Fun Run and together they would support another great cause which was to help send Team PNG to the Rio Olympics in August.
She hoped everyone had fun on the day and MRDC wished the Salvos’ happy 60th Anniversary.