Samarai-Murua MP eyes vanilla processing centre


SAMARAI-Murua MP Isi Henry Leonard says the district will build a vanilla processing centre on Misima Island to help people sell their vanilla beans.
Many people in the district were growing vanilla.
“We have the K500,000 Covid-19 SME support funds, and we have this agriculture component (of) K1 million,” he said.
“I started this vanilla trading programme in the district and brought in a registered trainer to look into the entire trading of vanilla – from husbandry or vanilla processing to even marketing.”
Leonard is organising meetings on Rossel Island to train farmers.
“We will be building a processing centre at Misima,” he said.
“People can bring their vanilla and we can process, and purchase it.
“You have to process vanilla quickly (otherwise) you will lose (it).
“We want to maintain that market value.”
Leonard said the processing facility and buying point would encourage farmers to have their vanilla processed there.
“Agriculture officers will be identifying people who are committed to agricultural activities, particularly farmers, whether cocoa, copra, vanilla, and those who are buying copra or cocoa from the farmers,” he said.
“I have already identified a couple, maybe six for copra and cocoa buyers.
“We will give them the funds to go to the local level governments and wards and purchase cocoa, copra from them and bring them to the market.”