Samb queries validity of electoral boundaries

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THE Government is 10 years behind in the review of the electoral boundaries, says Goilala MP William Samb, pictured.
Samb, the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister, was replying to a question from Komo-Margarima MP Manaseh Makiba on what the Boundaries Commission was doing about the electoral boundaries for his district.
Samb said the review according to law should be done every 10 years.
“I have a presentation next week regarding the Electoral Boundaries Commission which I will present to Parliament.
“We are supposed to review boundaries of districts and provinces.
“We as parliament have gone past that,” Samb said.
Makiba said the Government had made a commitment to review the provincial boundaries and to split bigger provinces and create more districts and electorates.
He said Government funding did not fairly benefit districts and provinces which had more people.
He requested that the report on the review be tabled before the next election so that new electorates could be established before 2022.
Samb said the first review was rejected by Parliament. So they will carry out another this year.
“We want to do that well ahead of 2022 election. We’ve got that in place and we will do a presentation next week,” Samb said.

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