Samsung S9 coming to Fone Haus


FONE Haus will be one of the first phone retailers in the country to sell the Samsung Galaxy S9 handset following the product launch on Thursday.
The launch was organised by Samsung New Zealand team and its distributors in Papua New Guinea.
The handset is the best on the market from the Samsung brand, says Fone Haus managing director Damien Ames.
“We are really excited to be selling the S9,” he said.
“I was amazed at how good the camera is with new things like the extreme slow-motion and the personalised emojis from the selfies.
“I have an S8 but I will have to upgrade to an S9, because the camera and other features on it are the best I have seen in a Samsung handset so far.
“We have a full range of Samsung handsets all at competitive prices and this includes a 12-month warranty.”
Samsung New Zealand product manager Roland Choie said the camera had been boosted as it was the most-used feature of any smartphone.
“It’s the best phone in the Papua New Guinea market right now for anyone who likes using a smartphone,” he said.
“The cameras is becoming the most-used and top feature for a smartphone and Samsung has catered for this with the new features. The handset is super-light and because of the super-slow motion, you can take life moments down right to the split second.”
Samsung New Zealand key account manager Brad Pritchard said the S9 was being launched in Papua New Guinea at the same time as the rest of the world.