Samuel focused on getting job done: There’s no time to waste


MORESBY North-West MP Lohia Boe Samuel took his seat in Parliament for the first time yesterday thanking his father for his guidance throughout his political career.
Samuel told Parliament in his maiden speech that he would make every effort to have a transformational approach to the electorate.
“There is no time to procrastinate, there is work to be done,” Samuel said. “I must deliver those basic services that have been lacking in my electorate over the years.
“It is my desire to ensure that these basic services are accorded the greatest attention and are effectively implemented.”
Samuel said his immediate concerns were health, education and law and justice.
In addition, he will enable the restoration of economic infrastructure and empower women and youths in small to medium enterprises.
He also promised to move forward the Motu-Koita agenda which had not been given adequate attention resulting in the marginalisation of the Motu-Koita people over the years.
Samuel also supported the call for reserved seats in Parliament for women, saying he wanted to see a seat reserved for the people of Motu-Koita as well.
“The Motu-Koita villages and communities have been adversely impacted and marginalised on their own land, due to the increasing urban drift by citizens to Port Moresby for a better life,” he said.
“This has placed a huge strain on public utilities and customary and State land.”