Sandaun left behind


THE call made in The National on Tuesday (Sept 4) by Trangist, Medics of Madfox, reminds me of where the province is in terms of services that need to be mandated by the elected leaders and the Sandaun governing body.
It seems that our leaders are working in isolation and not co-operating, including the governor himself, and that is why nothing, in terms of development, is happening in the province.
Services like roads, banking, communications, electricity, education, health are essentials that need to be provided, upgraded, maintained and innovated.
Politicians should not sit back and wait for services to come to them. Instead, they should go out and push for the services to be provided. They walk the talk.
I travel regularly to do my business at home in Lumi and I often wonder why nothing is happening there. The roads are so bad that vehicles regularly break down on the way from Lumi to Wewak, Maprik or Aitape. Then we have rivers, like Yolpu and Kaifanke, that do not have proper bridges.
It’s a headache.
Sandaun leaders, you need wake up and help your people.

Sipu Ninke, Via email

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