Sangam likes to stay on right side of the law


Sergeant Joseph Sangam from Bogia, Madang, is a police prosecutor at the Waigani Committal Court.
He has been a persecutor for over 34 years now.
Sangam began his line of work in 1984 in Arawa, Bouganville.
He then worked in Madang and all Highlands provinces, Sangam was an ordinary constable before becoming a prosecutor.
“The thing I like most about my profession is the learning experience that comes with it” he said.
“In every new case I am purposely cautious of what new things I may come across.”
Sangam said both civil and criminal laws had been prescribed in the Ten Commandments of the Bible.
“We are in essence living by God’s laws,” he said.
“Therefore, no law breaker can hide from justice.
“The law will catch you one way or another.”
Sangam said Mt Hagen was his favourite place.
“I like the fresh food,” he said.
“Many times in the Highlands I have had to explain to people that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and customary laws must conform to it.
“People in rural areas live and believe in customary laws.
“It’s always a challenge when trying to deal with their cases in court.
“One case that still baffles me was when two warring clans exchanged money and food in their peace settlement.”