Sanguma is real


THE practice of witchcraft, sorcery and sanguma is real.
It’s on a spiritual plane and invisible.
You cannot prove in a court of law of the processes involved.
The end result is someone becomes very sick or dies from causes that the medical profession cannot diagnose and treat.
Sorcery is becoming a multi-million Kina industry in Papua New Guinea.
People from all walks of life use it to gain favors, win court cases, win elections, be appointed to high office, destroy businesses of enemies and so forth.
The only solution is to have laws to outlaw the practice of sorcery instead of protecting practitioners of sorcery.
Sanguma in the Highlands is bought or introduced through marriages.
It involves the use of demons in the form of cats, bats, dogs and werewolves which eat the intestines and vital organs of the victims until they die.
National Capital District Commission should hire sanguma to kill all who spit and litter the streets of PortMoresby with betelnut.
Sorcery is here to stay until Jesus returns to judge the living and the dead.

Galaxy, NCD