Saonu eyes education reform


MOROBE Governor Ginson Saonu is keen to reform the education system in the province and wants to work with the churches to make this work.
“With the education system that we have, they are saying 1-6-6 and are not looking at the gap that was missed and that is after breast feeding and the years before he or she starts formal education,” Saonu said.
He said the most crucial part of the reform was the early childhood system where children at the age of three to five or six years can be educated with a positive mindset before he or she goes out to the formal level of education.
“This is the gap that needs to be filled and we are going to do that.
“With this, we are connecting the children so they won’t have to fill up their minds with bad stuff before starting their formal education,” he said.
“When we leave them out, they will develop something that will not be acceptable to the society.
“Early part of every child is very important in their growth.
“With that, we want churches to be involved because the first three years of a child is very important and we want them to learn positive things in the early years.”
Saonu said every kid must be instilled with good and positive characters and the churches’ participation in this was very important.
He said for people to understand his education concept, it will be from ‘Mama Susu to Education Susu’.
He added that there must be zero drop outs in the province.
“Everybody must continue through the education system without drop outs,” Saonu said.


  • Thank you Hon. Governor for Morobe, that is needed very badly needed and should start as soon as appropriate. I myself really support and want to see the early childhood learning is the only way forward for and vibrant and God fearing generation for our Province. I would like to see early childhood learning rolled out.

  • I am supporting the idea highlighted by governor of Morobe. It is good that we have to start the foundation well to keep the mankind to survive in this challenging world. Childhood is the solution and we should consider it.

    Further more is structure reform alone will not work well for best outcome. It is only the materials for the teachers and the students.
    Standard Base Curriculum materials for both the teachers and the students should be taken first priority.

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