Saonu plans to develop ‘neglected’ border communities


Morobe’s border districts have been missing out on development and Morobe Governor Ginson Saonu plans to deal with that nelgect by taking development to those communities .
Morobe shares boundaries with Kandrian-Gloucester (West New Britain), Raicoast (Madang), Obura-Wonenara (Eastern Highlands), Kaintiba (Gulf), Goilala (Central) and Sohe (Northern).
Saonu said Morobe is strategically located and should, therefore, be the centre of socio-economic development for the border communities.
“For too long our leaders have neglected these communities,” he said.
“Now, is the time to do what is right and bring development and service to our people.”
Saonu wants the administration to show what the provincial government aims to do in order to meet the goals of its new Kundu Vision for 2018-2048.
“Our aim is to kisim bek (reclaim) Morobe,” he said.
“To reclaim Morobe, it requires commitment and dedication from provincial government,, churches, donor agencies and everyone.”
Saonu hopes to see roads linking Lae-Wantoat-Teptep, Lae 40-Mile to Menyamya, Wau-Garaina-Morobe post, Lae-Salamaua-Wau and Lae-Finschhafen-Kabwum, while shipping services are left to the Lutheran church to run.
He is pushing for more investment in palm oil between Menyamya and Central, gas and oil bordering Morobe and Northern, Mongi and Malambi hydro, Sialum beef, fresh produce and coffee and cocoa processing facilities.

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