Saonu reminded to fund tourism-related festivals

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MOROBE Governor Ginson Saonu, pictured, has been reminded to make good his commitment to help fund tourism-related festivals.
Nawaeb’s Labuta council manager Pesa Takos said Saonu had yet to release the fund for tourism promotion.
Takos spoke at the first small-medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) Arts and Crafts Festival in Lae on Friday. The festival is a joint effort by Huon Gulf and Nawaeb’s tourism desks in collaboration with Miles Lodge as the host.
He said such festivals would not only promote tourism but also help rural participants and families to earn additional income.
Festivals would also help SMEs identify the potential of local handicraft and products, and preserve skills and knowledge.
Huon Gulf tourism coordinator Robert Tom said the festival was a success involving local women, men and the young who eagerly showcased their skills and various products.
There were displays of carvings, bilum weaving, baskets, clay pots, singsings, drama’s, horticulture, floriculture, photography and framing, paintings, tapa clothes, head dresses, masks, locally designed and fibre glass toilet pots to promote hygienic sanitation.
Tom and Takos also presented their festival reports to Morobe tourism and cultural programme advisor Tali Yanga.
Takos said a secretariat was also established to lead and mobilise the festival every year for local participants.
He also acknowledged the immense support of Kwina Ambang, the owner of Miles Lodge and manageress Thelma Elizah for providing the avenue and meeting all the costs for the festival.
“In essence, Nawaeb and Huon Gulf districts are the face of Morobe to our visitors. We are determined to promote our hospitality and friendship to our visitors,” he added