Satellite offers alternative network for police, law sector


POLICE Commissioner David Manning says the Judiciary emergency satellite network offers an alternative network for police and various agencies within the law and justice sector.
Manning, who is the National Pandemic Response Controller, said this on Friday during the launch of the Judiciary satellite network at the National and Supreme Court House in Waigani, Port Moresby.
Manning said he was pleased to represent the 7,600 members of the police force in receiving the judiciary satellite network from Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika.
He thanked Sir Gibbs for his leadership in getting the judiciary to move with the times, not just in response to the Covid-19 but in ensuring it remained relevant, efficient and effective in the administration of justice during this period of uncertainty.
“There is a demand for all of us to serve our people and that can happen when we have the right people in charge who have the vision and drive to bring about change utilising the right tools and appropriate technology available,” Manning said.
He said the judiciary was one of the few organisations in the country that took measures to make itself relevant during the pandemic.
One such measure was the establishment of the emergency satellite network which allowed the courts to continue to function and deliver justice at the district level.
“The emergency satellite network was originally for the courts,” Manning said. “I’m pleased that the judiciary has decided to make it available for all members of the law and justice sector.”